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Mini Octahedron Necklace - Silver

Sale price£82.00


Our mini octahedron necklace features a striking solid sterling silver platonic shape pendant; modern and timeless. In some spiritual traditions it is used as a symbol for the heart chakra because it represents balance and harmony. It is believed to help balance and align the heart chakra, leading to a sense of love, compassion, and connection with others. 

Material: recycled sterling silver 
 Length of chain: 16" - 30"
Size of pendant: 5mm x 5mm

Mini Octahedron Necklace - Silver - Myia Bonner Jewellery
Mini Octahedron Necklace - Silver Sale price£82.00

Handmade In London

By Myia Bonner

90 Day Warranty

For Peace Of Mind

Recycled Precious Metals

Planet in Mind

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