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Tetrahedron Stud Earrings - Black

Sale price£100.00

The tetrahedron stud earrings have 4 triangular faces, each face meets at the vertex to create a pyramid, these studs can be stacked up the ear in a range of positions depending on your style. In some spiritual traditions the tetrahedron is believed to help balance and align the base chakra, leading to a sense of grounding and stability.

Pair of earrings

Material: black rhodium-plated recycled sterling silver 
Size of tetrahedron: 5mm x 5mm 

Tetrahedron Stud Earrings - Black
Tetrahedron Stud Earrings - Black Sale price£100.00

Handmade In London

By Myia Bonner

90 Day Warranty

For Peace Of Mind

Recycled Precious Metals

Planet in Mind

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